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Jimi - Products That Make Sense
Jimi - Products That Make Sense


Where can I buy Jimi™ products?
Either right here in our store, or you can click here to check for a retailer near you.


What is Jimi™ wallet made from?
The outer case is made from 100% recycled/recyclable Polypropylene, and the inner components from 100% recycled/recyclable Polycarbonate, which is a first cousin to bulletproof glass!

My card holder popped out, now what?
When there's nothing in your card holder you can remove it easily. However once you insert even one card its edges push out against the sides of the card holder, which in turn push out against the walls of the Jimi™ wallet and hold the card holder firmly in place.

These hinges looks flimsy, will they break easily?
Yes they do look flimsy, but the answer is no. The outer case is made from Polypropylene, a truly remarkable material that is not only translucent, colorful and durable, but you can hinge it. The outer case is one molded piece with three hinges or living hinges, as they're called. These living hinges can open and close at least a million times. Don't take our word for it check out an engineering information site like

Where should I carry this, in my back pocket?
People do, but we don't recommend it. In fact it can be a pain in the ass (sorry!). We recommend the front pocket. Jimi™ wallet is compact enough that you'll hardly know it's there. Alternatively you can wear it 'round your neck from a lanyard, which strangely enough we also sell! Click here for lanyards.


What is Jimi™ iPod nano case made from?
100% recycled/recyclable Polycarbonate, used in situations that demand high performance properties, such as impact resistance - from bullet-proof glass to cash dispensers.