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Jimi - Products That Make Sense
Jimi - Products That Make Sense


Why make our products in the US in this age of outsourcing?

Because we wanted to, is the short answer. In an industry not known for its consciousness of how, where or by whom its products are made, we decided - in our own small way - to make a stand, and manufacture our Jimi™ products in the place we sell 'em.

It's certainly been a challenge to find vendors and collaborators who will readily fall into step with our made with respect approach, but it's been a great experience. And our decision has proven to be a good business one too. Our US manufacturing base means we can make product modifications, introduce new colors, and react to our customers input all in double quick time. And that's not to mention the savings in transport costs (both operational and environmental), and time. Not having to wait a month or six weeks for a ship to arrive from Asia is certainly appreciated by our retailers.

Buy We hope, as our brand grows, to make our products local to all our customers around the world.