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Jimi - Products That Make Sense
Jimi - Products That Make Sense


Our decision to use recycled plastic was driven by the question 'Why not try'. In a product sector where not a lot of thought goes into the source of raw materials, their chemical make-up or eco consequences, we decided to think about these very factors, and see if we couldn't make a lower environmental impact.

When building our first product, Jimi™ wallet, we were limited functionally by what materials we could use. The need for translucency drove us towards plastic. Corn and plant-based plastics were out, because we needed our plastic to hinge. So that in turn pushed us toward Polypropylene for our case. We needed a very strong, moldable material for the inner components - especially the detachable money clip - hence Polycarbonate. We knew both were recyclable as finished products, but wanted to make our raw materials recycled too. We use post-industrial waste of both plastics, which is why you'll notice the odd spec or two in some of our translucent products. We hope to move towards Post-consumer plastics as the demand for Jimi™ products grows, but right now the minimum order requirement is beyond our reach.

We feel we are in no position to be preachy, as we are certainly not as eco-effecient as we want to be. But we're learning and adapting every day, and encourage others to think about how they manufacture and consume.

Buy Ultimately any industry change will be driven by consumer demand, so we are very encouraged by the thumbs up we've got from you. Thanks.