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So, we made it. The JimX™. It has the same clean lines as the original Jimi™ wallet, but with a sturdy external money clip. Now you can carry as much wonga, folding stuff, moola as you want Moneybags! Or maybe you just want the ease of peeling off a bill without opening your Jimi wallet. Fair enough. Just know when you do open it up, there’s still a cardholder for your credit cards.

JimiX can be attached to a belt, armband or bag strap, if that’s your thing. Like the Jimi wallet, JimiX is a smart everyday wallet, a great travel wallet, or perfect if you just made a New Years resolution to get more organized. And JimiX’s translucent shell helps you move quickly through airports, or into your favorite club with ease.

JimiX is a perfect urban accessory, and dead handy in the great outdoors. Whether you’re cycling, running or even rock climbing JimiX is a compact companion. And like other Jimi™ products, it’s engineered in the US from 100% recycled materials, and 1% of its sales revenue is invested in the environment.

Why bother with a conventional billfold or outdated leather wallet, when you can have it all with JimiX?

Give the demo a whirl…
Jimi wallet