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Jimi - Products That Make Sense
Jimi - Products That Make Sense


Jimi™ multi media case is compact, water resistant and shockproof, and you can attach it to a lanyard or keyring. Within itís recyclable sanoprene liners it can hold two of any of the 13 most popular formats of digital media or memory cards.

Jimi™ multi media caseís outer shell is made from 100% recycled and recyclable polypropylene. Combined with the cushioning sanoprene lining this splash proof shell makes it ideal for storing your digital camera media during snow sports, cycling and other outdoor activities.

Or if you just want somewhere to stash your flash memory cards when youíre traveling or living a busy mobile life thisíll do the trick. Click on the card formats button above to see if it suits your needs. If youíre a digital photographer, or media or memory card user and have made a New Years resolution to get more organized, the Jimi™ multi media case is a great first step.